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#3 New Clever Cannabis Curations:

Welcome back 4:20 enthusiasts, we are back for another edition of cannabis curations. Simply put we are mixing weed. What is better than smoking the best strains from Washington DC’s top delivery dispensaries? Combining/mixing and then smoking the best strains from Washington DC’s top delivery dispensaries.

Wake and Back Cannabis Curations with Tropicana Cherries

Clever Cannabis Curations

Cannabis curation has arrived introducing, we will begin with our daytime cannabis curations. To be honest the focus of these curations is “wake and bake”! These mixes are not for having a chill day. These mixes are for getting up to conquer the world. Tropicana Cherries is our base for mixing this session. Tropicana Cherries taste like a fruity blast of sweet fruits, tropical fruits, and creamy nuttiness that is a sativa energizing force unto itself. However, mixing Tropicana Cherries with Green Crack adds a gassy diesel element that further boosts the physical energy to get up and be active any time of day. I grabbed both strains from DC Cooperative.

We shall stay with Tropicana Cherries as our base for mixing and DC Cooperative as the dispensary for procurement” Cannabis Curations.” Durban Poison is a 100% sativa with an earthy and herbal flavor. Durban Poison has some sweetness to it, but it mostly tastes of earthy blandness. Mixing Durban Poison with Tropicana Cherries allows the decadent fruity taste of the latter strain to abound. However, Durban Poison further boosts the mind sharpening and energizing elements of Tropicana Cherries.

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Daytime Cannabis Curations with Tropicana Cherries Diesel

Tropicana Cherries

Lastly, I present to you Tropicana Cherry Diesel. That is basically what is achieved by mixing Tropicana Cherries and Sour Diesel. I would grab these strains to combine while DC Cooperative has them on deck. This strain tastes like a creamy, fruity, nutty sour diesel. All the decadent flavors are detectable on the inhale and then the diesel just takes over on the exhalation. Mixing Sour Diesel and Tropicana Cherries provides a blast of energy to get anybody ignited to blast off and embrace the day.

Now, it is time to explore our evening and nighttime Cannabis Curations. I thank Gifted Legacy dispensary for providing our indica bases for combining this session. In the Pines will be our base for relaxing in the PM hours. In The Pines has a 14% CBD to 7% THC ratio. This strain may sharpen the senses and soothe the body without any heavy or sedating effects. In the Pines has a crisp piney taste balanced by sour citrus flavors. Mixing In the Pines with Mango Kush in the early evening provides a combination with a sweet Mango and fruity tastes balanced by piney and earthy flavors. This combination will gradually guide the body into a blissful state of relaxation that will last for hours. The effects will go where you take them. Active experiences will be enhanced, and couch-sitting may become couch locking.

Evenings And Night Cannabis Currations with In the Pines

Again, being gifted from Gifted Legacy we have In the Pines as our evening base. The potent CBD and functional relaxing properties of this strain are ideal to pair with indica strains. We suggest pairing In the Pines with Shady Apples. This combination will taste of sour citrus fruits, sweet fruits, creamy nuttiness, and subtle earthy pine elements. Tis combination will also provide an emotional boost of happiness with a relaxing vibe that is social as well. Enjoy this as an evening cannabis cocktail to get a fun-filled evening started.

Lastly, we have our nightcap combination. Mixing Purple Punch and In the Pines provides a sweetly sugary fruity flavor balanced by sour and piney elements. This combination is for retiring for the evening. The indica effects of Purple Punch dominate, guiding one to a heavy relaxation.