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3 Blue Kings Weed Strain Review

This is a crown well-earned. A cross between Blue Dream and Three Kings (Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush). Damn that’s royalty indeed. Just seeing this strain impresses immediately. Blue and light purple hues radiate a large conical structure with stringy diesel like leaves on top of a dense Kush-like bud. Light orange hairs accentuate this beautiful creation.

Three Blue Kings has a remarkable and potent flavor. Upon first pull the smoothness if Blue Dream engulfs the palette; then on the exhale peppery and diesel flavors mix with the sweetness of the Blue Dream. The smoke is spicy but not harsh or over-powering. Let’s get into the effects though…

With THC levels as high as 30% it is know wonder why this King packs such a punch. One can definitely turn to Three Blue Kings for medicinal dosing in cases of headache, pain, or insomnia, or muscle spasms. The beauty of this hybrid is that the sativa elements of its parent strain provide mental effects of uplifting, creative, and focused energy. The effect on the body is relaxing and soothing enjoyment of being wrapped in a blanket of Three King Blue Dreaminess.

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