Stock Up Your 4:20 Supplies!

I have a few friends in the trucking industry. They have shared more than a few of their usual routes have been canceled as there was nothing to ship. I ate at Mezeh yesterday. They put the food in plastic bowls (smaller than before I might add) as a sign indicates due to supply-chain issues they are temporarily out of the usual bowls. Has one considered the supply chain of cannabis?

To be clear, I am not saying your favorite delivery folks, Select Co-op will be running out of your supplies.  However, it is possible one’s favorite strains may not come around as often… So grab them in bulk when they come on deck! This another benefit of using Select Co-op… Dispensaries have to get their cannabis from “official” sources and the “official” well is almost running dry.

The Outlaw report recently did a story on how cannabis dispensaries that do not grow/cultivate their own flowers are having a rough time keeping flowers in stock. Investor Place recently published in article that marijuana stocks are dipping as there are shortages for dispensaries. Some states are struggling to grow enough cannabis to meet their states demand as the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.  

Another factor is the reverberating affects of continuous wildfires in the west. Not only has the smoke poured across the country for months; the California, Colorado, et al cannabis industry has not recovered from the fires going back to last year. The Drought as also affected crops across the west as well. The Marijuana Report recently was granted rare entry to some growers in Humboldt County who expressed the threat of fire and drought becoming the paramount security concern.  

Drought has affected cannabis crops in Jamaica as well. Another effect is the labor supply in the cannabis industry. The labor supply in America as a whole right now is one of more jobs than workers. Employees are in short supply and companies have to raise wages to attract them. The reports that many cannabis companies are already operating on the margins and may not be able to hire more people.

People I am not screaming the sky is falling. I am saying the sky is hazy with smoke and does not seem to be getting brighter anytime soon. When a great delivery service, like Select CO-op has your favorite flowers in stock… I suggest you grab as much as you can stock up your 4:20 supplies. 

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