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May 13, 2022
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2 New Facts about Virginia Conundrum

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I like the spin the Roanoke news began their article about the latest cannabis news in Virginia Conundrums. “Cannabis regulation met the stopping power of partisan politics during the 2022 Virginia General Assembly session, but lawmakers said more action is required to shape policy on the newly legalized plant”. It is now the month of May; and Virginia Lawmakers have made no progress in allowing recreational cannabis sales. Recreational cannabis seems like it is not even being considered as hemp is dominating political buzz. 

Virginia Conundrum

The Roanoke news reports, “Out of more than 25 cannabis-related bills filed by state lawmakers this year, only two passed the divided legislature and were signed into law by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, according to data from Virginia NORML, or the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Those two bills dealt with medical marijuana definitions”. As the Virginia Conundrum keeps going Virginia lawmakers are also arguing over what is cannabis and what is not cannabis

Lawmakers arguing Virginia Conundrum What is not Cannabis?

Senate Bill 591 has also generated much political discussion. This bill seeks to limit the sale and marketing of edible cannabis products. This bill was introduced by Senator Emmet Hanger. He may see this Virginia Conundrum impact; as The Roanoke News reports Hanger intends to introduce more stringent regulations to a gray-area aspect of the consumable hemp industry.

Products containing synthesized Delta-8 THC are abundantly available in gas stations, smoke shops and convenience stores, but adults don’t always realize the effects of what they’re buying, and children have ingested the unregulated, hemp-based edible products, Hanger said. Is it possible that some children have ingested products? Yes? However, numerous publications have published research showing that the GOP fear mongering about “what about the kids” simply is a political ploy. 

Hanger went on to say, “We want to go back to rope, not dope,” Hanger said of SB 591. “Most likely, for the broader bill, we will be working with the governor’s office to try to craft a new bill that could be potentially introduced during this special session.” 

While his statement did rhyme it left little of substance of which to speak. According to JM Pedini, the executive director of Virginia NORML, “In 2023, what we ought to see are (several) skinny bills that address very narrow segments of code related to the licensing and regulation of adult-use cannabis… As opposed to one large omnibus bill, which for two sessions now, we have heard from the legislature is, ‘too big to read.”

Virginia Conundrum puts Virginia recreational sales discussion on hold until 2023

So, what does that mean for Virginia recreational sales? When does the new governor of virginia take office? It means that recreational sales are not even a discussion until the year 2023…and then it will just be the beginning of the discussion. So, what to do if you live in Virginia? Do what Pharrell did with the Something in the water concert and bring your business to Washington DC! 

Virginia Conundrum

In Washington DC there is a legal provision called Initiative 71. This provision allows for people 21 years or older to transport cannabis, gift up to two ounces of cannabis, and smoke cannabis in private places. I live in Northern Virginia with the Virginia Conundrum happening. Whether the state allows recreational sales anytime soon is irrelevant to me. I can call one of my trusted delivery dispensaries to schedule a time to receive my gift for subscribing to their menus. 

If I need to meet my guys from Takoma Care and Wellness for a live resin cart, they are there on time and with my gift. If I want some Tropicana Cherries flowers from Gifted Legacy, they meet me at my preferred spot in the city. What if I want a Boom bar from the good people at Select Co-op? It is no problem for me to pick it up from one of their representatives, and if I want some crumble or shatter from DC Cooperative, I can schedule a convenient time to be gifted. Who cares about the Virginia Conundrum when DC delivery dispensaries operate with such convenience and ease?  

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