10 Easy Ways To Sober Up Super Fast If You Get Too High

"10 Easy Ways to sober up! Take a bath or shower, watch some funny tv, eat black pepper/lemon, CBD, go for a walk, hydrate, music, cuddle, or go to sleep."

It’s always an accident, never planned! Sometimes an edible kicks in hours and hours later, or you sampled some concentrates, and you indulged in too much weed to impress your friends. The result, a feeling of a never-ending high, or “greening out” is decidedly unpleasant. It’s not a hangover, but it has the same effect, resulting in even the consummate cannabis lover swearing off weed. The good thing, there are no recorded deaths from a weed overdose. So, you will not die. If you are desperate to rid yourself of that icky feeling read on for some tips!

How Long Does The Average High Last?
The length of your high will depend on a number of factors, including your weight, metabolism, manner of consumption, and the quality of your weed. Typically the higher quality your product is, the longer the high will last. Also, concentrates are consistently the most potent way to consume marijuana, with flower and edibles ranking closely behind. That said, the duration of your high will ultimately be dictated by your chemistry, and by your tolerance level. Daily smokers will sober up much more quickly than infrequent participants in weed culture.

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Most experts agree that the average high lasts between thirty minutes to two hours. On occasion the effects can linger for longer. While this sensation doesn’t necessarily mean that you are too high, it can trigger a feeling of discomfort for some.

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Signs Of Being Too High
Here are some symptoms that should alert you to the need to decrease your marijuana intake, and or to seek remedies that well help to decelerate your buzz.

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

What You Should Do
If this is happening to a friend, do your part to reassure them that everything will be OK! A hug, comforting words in a soft tone, a distraction, water, reminding them to breathe, and that they are safe will go a long way to making them feel better.

If you are actively experiencing this, here are ten ways to sober up.

Don’t Panic
Well I know it sounds simple but there’s value in remembering not to panic. When this is all over, at worst you will feel some dry mouth and grogginess. That means no matter how crazy you feel in the moment overconsumption of weed won’t kill you. Keep your mind calm and it will relieve the worst of the symptoms like sweating and anxiety. Deep breathing exercises work. They help to ground you and connect your mind and body in the moment.

Take A Bath or Shower
A warm bath or shower can be a nice way to signal your body to relax. So now might be a great time to indulge in one if you are at home. In the time it takes to take a bath or shower, the negative effects of consuming too much weed, may disappear.

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Watch Some Funny TV
Watching something funny on TV may accomplish something very important. Force you to think about something enjoyable instead of the miserable way that you are feeling. Keeping yourself entertained may be just the distraction you need.

Consume Black Peppercorns Or Lemon
Black pepper has long been heralded as the solution for eliminating the the anxiety of consuming too much weed. Doctors back this solution. There is something about the terpenes contained in pepper that counter the effects of your high. Lemon can have a similar effect. Limonene is known to counter anxiety. So pucker up, squeeze and sniff some lemon to help yourself sober up.

Counter It With CBD
CBD the other active component in marijuana can remedy the effects of consuming too much THC. It’s an anti-anxiety compound that can work on the same receptors as THC and balance out your experience.

Go For a Walk
A walk, especially if you have a companion can be just the change in scenery that you need. The fresh air, and physical activity can do much to calm your mind. If nothing else, with your body in motion, the repetitive activity can remind your brain to stay grounded.

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Hydrate and Indulge in A Light Snack
Dry mouth is a common negative effect of marijuana consumption. So, when you over consume, you are destined to be thirsty. Try drinking water, or juice and snacking on some nuts, or cheese. This simple action can also help to ground the mind and the body.

Listen To Music
Music can be amazing to experience when you’re high. It can create a comfortable aural experience which can create a welcoming and cozy sensation. Good vibes to remind you that everything will soon be ok.

Cuddle With Someone That Cares About You
Take advantage of the moment and enjoy the warm comfort of someone who loves you. Physical touch is necessary component of human existence, more importantly it’s a great reminder that you will be ok. Cuddles may be just what the doctor ordered.

Go To Sleep
If you can find a quiet place to lay down and drift off to sleep, it may be for the best. You will wake up and everything will be ok. So close your eyes and wake up feeling much better in a half hour.